Parts Kit ends the need for most factory service.  Simply remove the nut on the handle and the tube fitting at the body, then remove the internal parts for complete field replacement in seconds.  The Parts Kit is fully assembled at the factory and includes: end tube fitting, body tube fitting, tube, cutter, our unique bi-directional wire rope (can be turned in either direction without failures), wire rope/push rod connector, safety stop (blow-out preventer), threaded push rod and nut for the curved models.  The Parts Kit for the straight models includes cutter, safety stop (blow-out preventer), threaded push rod and nut.

Rod-Out ModelField Replacement Part
Straight Rod-OutStraight Rod-Out Field Replacement Kit
60 Degree Rod-Out Tool60 Degree Rod-Out Field Replacement Kit
90 Degree Angle Rod-Out Device90 Degree Rod-Out Tooll Parts Kit

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